Lisa Vos


Bridgeview Consulting establishes strong relationships with her clients, a joint deep understanding of the particular needs of that client and co-creates series of interventions to meet those needs. This approach requires a strong sense of common ownership, responsibility and partnership. Among the methodologies Bridgeview uses are: Work Based learning activities, Action Learning Experiments, Team and Executive coaching, Appreciative Inquiry, Large Scale interventions (like Open Space, World Café, Future Search), Reflective Practice, teaching and lecturing to provide new concepts, Simulations and Experiential Exercises. Lisa Vos is competent and comfortable in creating combinations of downright teaching and working emergently with the client system, using the system in the room as Case in Point. Lisa is accredited and licensed in The Organisation Workshop (Barry Oshry), in Design Thinker (Innovation Simulation; Experience Point). She is experienced in using outdoor activities as learning laboratories.